Es ist die Mischung aus Begeisterung, Freiheit und Vergnügen, die uns immer wieder in ihren Bann zieht und uns in den Clubs dieser Stadt die Leiden des Alltags vergessen lässt.
Avenue  Vorschaubild


The avenue is a fixture in the capital's nightlife. The Berlin scene and international guests celebrate in the historic building of the listed Café Moscow, less than 500m away from Alexanderplatz.
Recommendation Mitte Mainstream Indoor Hip Hop Club
Bricks  Vorschaubild


The Bricks is located directly on the historic Berlin Gendarmenmarkt under the Hilton Hotel. The interior is a mixture of a modern night club and a noble wood look. The inviting dance floor is made to simmer with a wide variety of party concepts.
Recommendation Mitte Mainstream Indoor Hip Hop Club
Club Weekend  Vorschaubild

Club Weekend

The House of Weekend convinces with one of the most beautiful roof terraces in Berlin. Here you can see the capital from above and enjoy a unique view of Berlin's skyline and the setting sun. Hip hop or electronic music is usually danced on up to 2 floors plus rooftop.
Recommendation Mitte Rooftop oder Panoramablick Open Air Mainstream Indoor Hip Hop Club
Hafenbar  Vorschaubild


The harbor bar has been luring party-loving mermaids and hard-drinking fur seals to the dance floor for almost 50 years. Berlin charm, good mood music and the famous Hafenbar spirit have always been the recipe for success. The swings at the bar are also an absolute eye-catcher.
Mitte Mainstream Indoor Club
KitKat  Vorschaubild


The kitkat is also called "kitty" by its followers. Here everyone can be themselves and meet other people openly. Leave your inhibitions and clothes at the cloakroom and let yourself be carried away by the electronic music.
Mitte Indoor Elektro Club
Tresor  Vorschaubild


Der Tresor sticht mit seiner düstereren, industriellen Atmosphäre aus der Berliner Clublandschaft hevor. Auch der Sound in dem ehemaligen Heizkraftwerk unterscheidet sich durch seine Detroit-Techno Einflüsse von den bekannten Klängen anderer Locations.
Mitte Indoor Elektro Club
9 Roses  Vorschaubild

9 Roses

Mitte Mainstream Indoor Elektro Club Bar
Alte Münze  Vorschaubild

Alte Münze

Mitte Mainstream Indoor Elektro Außenbereich Club
Amano Grand Central  Vorschaubild

Amano Grand Central

Mitte Rooftop oder Panoramablick Mainstream Indoor Außenbereich Club Bar
Anita Berber  Vorschaubild

Anita Berber

Mitte Indoor Club Bar
Apartment 87  Vorschaubild

Apartment 87

Mitte Mainstream Indoor Hip Hop Club
Busche Club  Vorschaubild

Busche Club

Mitte Indoor Club
Carambar  Vorschaubild


Mitte Mainstream Indoor Club Bar
Cuckoo Berlin  Vorschaubild

Cuckoo Berlin

Mitte Mainstream Indoor Hip Hop Club
Department  Vorschaubild


Mitte Indoor Club
Father Graham  Vorschaubild

Father Graham

Mitte Mainstream Indoor Außenbereich Club
Golden Gate  Vorschaubild

Golden Gate

Mitte Indoor Elektro Club
Grand  Vorschaubild


Mitte Mainstream Indoor Hip Hop Club Bar
Hangar49 Club  Vorschaubild

Hangar49 Club

Mitte Indoor Elektro Club
Haus Ungarn  Vorschaubild

Haus Ungarn

Mitte Mainstream Indoor Außenbereich Club
Holzmarkt25  Vorschaubild


Mitte Indoor Außenbereich Club
Humboldthain  Vorschaubild


Mitte Elektro Club
Melancholie 2  Vorschaubild

Melancholie 2

Mitte Indoor Elektro Club
N3  Vorschaubild


Mitte Indoor Elektro Club
Ohm  Vorschaubild


Mitte Indoor Elektro Club
Picknick  Vorschaubild


Mitte Indoor Club
Sage  Vorschaubild


Mitte Indoor Indie-Rock Club
U3 Tunnel  Vorschaubild

U3 Tunnel

Mitte Mainstream Indoor Hip Hop Club
Xo  Vorschaubild


Mitte Indoor Club