There are no classic songs from the radio here, but rather music à la Paul Kalkbrenner. Music styles such as techno, house and many more run alongside electro.
KitKat  Vorschaubild


The kitkat is also called "kitty" by its followers. Here everyone can be themselves and meet other people openly. Leave your inhibitions and clothes at the cloakroom and let yourself be carried away by the electronic music.
Mitte indoor electro Club
Tresor  Vorschaubild


The Tresor stands out from the Berlin club landscape with its darker, industrial atmosphere. The sound in the former thermal power station also differs from the well-known sounds of other locations due to its Detroit-Techno influences.
Mitte indoor electro Club
9 Roses  Vorschaubild

9 Roses

Mitte Mainstream indoor electro Club Bar
Alte Münze  Vorschaubild

Alte Münze

Mitte outdoor area Mainstream indoor electro Club
Bar Steinkeller  Vorschaubild

Bar Steinkeller

Mitte Mainstream indoor electro Bar
Cosmic Kaspar  Vorschaubild

Cosmic Kaspar

Mitte indoor electro Bar
Golden Gate  Vorschaubild

Golden Gate

Mitte indoor electro Club
Hangar49 Club  Vorschaubild

Hangar49 Club

Mitte indoor electro Club
Humboldthain  Vorschaubild


Mitte electro Club
Melancholie 2  Vorschaubild

Melancholie 2

Mitte indoor electro Club
N3  Vorschaubild


Mitte indoor electro Club
Ohm  Vorschaubild


Mitte indoor electro Club
Vcf  Vorschaubild


Mitte indoor electro