Fri. 28/07/17 - 11:59 PM until Sat. 29/07/17 - 10:00 AM Durch x Juta

date_range 28/07/2017 - 11:59 PM
Electro Electro Techno Tech-House
Fri. 28/07/17 - 11:59 PM until Sat. 29/07/17 - 10:00 AM Durch x Juta
date_range 28/07/2017 - 11:59 PM
Electro Electro Techno Tech-House
This event "Durch x Juta" @ about blank already ended on 07/28/2017.
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Durch x Juta



It happens every Thursday in Dresden. This area, known as "Tal der Ahnungslosen" and above all for its weekly PEGIDA-marches by local racists has at least one more thing to offer than racist inciters and politicians. 

- Jugendtanz -

It´s an emancipatory collective of 10-15 people who are running this party weekly at Chemiefabrik Dresden. They are not doing it for their own profit but for the fun of it, to make partying possible for everyone and, last but not least, to fund the local spot for alternative culture, AZ Conni Dresden. Every little Cent is going to AZ Conni, helping them to host political events, talks, concerts and many things more like a free library and computer-workspaces for refugees. A main aspect of Jugendtanz is as well to have nonprofessional acts, djs or bands from the local area giving them a chance to play on a stage in front of a crowd and getting more experienced in doing what they appreciate most: good music (most times electronic, sometimes punk, sometimes both), good people and always for a good cause.

This project is in danger at the moment. techno-clubs arise in nearly every corner of the country and even so in Dresden. Commercial events attract more and more former guests. This is no general problem at all, because we think it´s good to have a big variety of any kinds of clubs and if they worked together it could be such a great thing for a city like Dresden. Unfortunately, capital gives a damn about the scene or their clubs unless they´re generating money.

So we, as the promoters of DURCH want to collaborate with JUTA collective to have DURCH x JUTA at ://about party on 28th of July 2017. All the money will go to JUTA collective to help them out, giving them more time for developing new ideas to keep this great party alive. 

Facing all the fancy new clubs and parties in town, time is not on JUTA's side: no big name djs, no high-end equipment to attract new guests. But, passion for music and having a good time on a party where racism, sexism, antisemitism as well as other discriminatory ideologies are not being tolerated is the offer this crew is and will be offering to everyone. 

With our lust and love (and in the end our money ;-)) we want to support them as much as we can. By joinig DURCH x JUTA you could do so, too.





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Markgrafendamm 24c, 10245 Berlin about blank Berlin

Das about blank ist eine der Locations, die die Elektro-Szene in Berlin definieren. Direkt am S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz gelegen, ist das about blank leicht zu erreichen und ein beliebter Anlaufpunkt für Freunde guter Musik. In warmen Sommernächten werden auch Open Airs im großzügigen Freiluftbereich gefeiert.
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