Sun. 20/08/17 - 2:00 PM until Sun. 20/08/17 - 11:00 PM Synthesizer Flea Market

date_range 20/08/2017 - 2:00 PM
Electro Electro Techno Tech-House
Sun. 20/08/17 - 2:00 PM until Sun. 20/08/17 - 11:00 PM Synthesizer Flea Market
date_range 20/08/2017 - 2:00 PM
Electro Electro Techno Tech-House
This event "Synthesizer Flea Market" @ Birgit & Bier already ended on 08/20/2017.
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Synthesizer Flea Market

It's difficult to put the finger on when exactly it al began. Was it when Giovanni Giorgio explained about how he predicted synthesizers to take over the world of music, in his inspiring monologue in Daft Punk's Random Access Memories? Or was already the glorious 80's and the gospel by Eurythmics, New Order, Depeche Mode and obviously, Vangelis' master work on the Blade Runner soundtrack. With the current rise of most electronic music genres and their infiltration into mainstream culture, more and more people become familiar with synthesizers and their application in music production. With laptops and desktops becoming stronger and more stable, Digital Audio Workstations can nowadays allow almost anyone to set up a studio at home and analogue devices do not seem as frightening and complicated when connected to those. 
With more and more people attracted to the world of electronic music and synthesizer based sound, the chase after a unique sound - one that cannot be acquired through digital plug-ins - has become a phenomena that even received its own name: GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrom. 
The writer of these words was as well diagnosed with GAS, and instead of sitting all day and refreshing ebay-kleinanzeigen, was searching for an idea that will allow every sound freak, music producer, DJ and synth-enthusiastic to come forward, with gear or without, and take part in an event which is solely created as a place for all to sell, buy, experiment and learn about synthesizers: Berlin's first Synthesizer Flea Market.

We have teamed up with Just Music, and created a full day program, including workshops, a live-act based open-air party, live demonstrations and obviously: lots of space to buy, sell and trade synthesizers and enjoy a sunny Berliner Sunday with music and sound enthusiasts. 

How does it work?
Birgit&Bier was kind enough to allow us to host the flea market at its magnificent venue. 
We have measured all together 64 meters of wooden tables in the venue.
Which mean that 42 guests can reserve 1,5 meters of a table each (between 50 and 90 centimetrs width).
Reserving the table is free, however, in order to ensure a level commitment, you will be asked to transfer 10 euros for the reservation, which you will receive back at the day of the event in drink vouchers.
You will also be asked to bring an outlet splitter with a length of at least 3 meters in order to connect your devices to the sockets in Birgit&Bier. 


+ Fallen Metropolis
+ Don Brazo
+ Johann Fanger
+ Psycho & Plastic
+ Signal Deluxe


Abendkasse: free


Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin Birgit & Bier Berlin

Das Birgit & Bier hat sich in der Berliner Elektroszene einen Namen gemacht. Einer der Hauptgründe dafür ist der liebevoll dekorierte Open-Air Bereich, in dem an warmen Sommerabenden bis in die frühen Morgenstunden getanzt wird. Aber auch indoor hat die Location einiges zu bieten.
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