Sun. 12/05/19 - 11:59 PM until Mon. 13/05/19 - 12:00 PM Rituals X Female:Pressure

date_range 12/05/2019 - 11:59 PM
Guest list Draw Tickets Electro Party Techno
Sun. 12/05/19 - 11:59 PM until Mon. 13/05/19 - 12:00 PM Rituals X Female:Pressure
date_range 12/05/2019 - 11:59 PM
Guest list Draw Tickets Electro Party Techno
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Rituals X Female:Pressure

"Properly mental beat and sound science lying somewhere between IDM and escape-velocity electro.” Restless introverted moon-child Katatonic Silentio is a music deconstructionist who finds expression through wasted sounds and psychedelic atmospheres. Droning scenarios are combined with rhythmic noise and schizophrenic digital impulses into complex structures, mentally resonating in syncopated rhythms. Driven by ARTivism, sound art, cyberfeminism & queer culture she is an open end of the possibilities of techno. Mariachiara is also a boss of her label Cyberspeak Music, built around multidisciplinary collective in Milan, Italy. Her releases can be found on Biodiversità Records or label One Instrument.

Antje Meichsner aka Shannon Soundquist is a sound artist, experimental music producer and DJ based in Dresden, recently she is a Media Art student under Carsten Nicolai/Alva Noto (Raster Noton). In her sound art the spoken word is transformed into abstract musical poems, often revolving around political and social themes. She presented her work at Cynet Art Festival, ECAS Festival, DAVE-Festival or at Hörspielfestival Berlin. As active feminist she is a part of DJ-collective Prozecco (Dresden), Soundsystem Femtek (Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden) and one of organizers of political street rave Tolerade. Her DJing sets 120 with Dark and Acid Techno, pitching up the speed to Mental Tekno at 165 bpm. As an important figure of Dresden underground, she plays regularly at Sektor Evolution (Dresden), IFZ (Leipzig), Schwuz (Berlin), about blank (Berlin) or at feminist punk festival böse&gemein (Dresden).

Mila Chiral is a Berlin based dancer-choreographer, electronic musician and DJ, who works with sound and poetry as well as with body and movement in time and space. Her influences range from classical music or minimal music to new and dark wave, Neue Deutsche Welle or pop star Prince and reflects in her colorful, multi-layered music. In April 2017 she released her first album Where the time meets space at Elestial Sound. Her DJ-Sets lead bodies to move with driving, fast techno-beats, uplifting rhythms and colorful sound spaces with acidic influences and glittering accents. Mila Chiral is part of minutektiv, a group of female* music producers from Berlin, and MEETUP Berlin, a community of female-identifying, trans and non-binary artists in the fields of electronic music and arts.

Akkamiau, the host of female:pressure edition of Rituals, is known for her organization and coordination work on various platforms. She started with series of rave parties called Party Zone, Voice of Future and Space Energy back in 1994. Nowadays her main focus lies on music production, reaching from experimental electronica to spatial compositions for dance performances or soundtracks for art videos and short movies. Her latest quadraphonic composition Interjection was recently presented at The Art of Reproduction festival (IMA institute at St Polten, AU) and her experimental techno project Hithertoo will perform a new material at the Trash Era stage at WHOLE festival.



+ Katatonic Silentio (live) ( Cyberspeak Music | Biodiversità Records )
+ Shannon Soundquist ( Prozecco | Femtek )
+ Mila Chiral ( Elestial Sound | Meetup Berlin )
+ Akkamiau ( Trash Era | female:pressure )


Abendkasse: tba
Mit Gästelisten-Anmeldung: Bis 1 Uhr 8 € Eintritt


Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin Suicide Club Berlin

Der Suicide Club liegt auf dem berühmt-berüchtigten RAW Gelände und begrüßt Gäste aus aller Welt. Auf die Ohren gibt es feinen Elektro-Sound und wenn es das Wetter zulässt, wird auch unter freiem Himmel gefeiert. 
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