Kater Blau 03.02.: Ctm.12 The Outlaw Discotheque

Das Event "Ctm.12 The Outlaw Discotheque" @ Kater Blau hat bereits am 03.02.2012 stattgefunden.
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Ctm.12 The Outlaw Discotheque

Outlaw discotheque and hedonist bastion Kater Holzig invites you to a night of Pixel Soul & Cyber Bling. Simultaneously exploiting and paying homage to mainstream pop culture from the 50s onward, the night explores twisted forms of R&B and Soul, with accents of newer trends such as house and juke peppered in for good measure. By excavating long lost qualities from songs and melodies heard all too often, by resurrecting the voices of bygone stars and the grooves of long-lost instrumentalists, by feeding on brazen bling, Ghettosperic, Tapprik Sweezee, and Ital bring these time-honoured genres to a modern edge even as the music’s original spirit shines through brightly.


Taprikk Sweezee

Kater Blau

Kater Blau Berlin

Holzmarktstr. 25
10243 Berlin
Der ehemalige Kater Holzig liegt direkt an der Spree und bietet eine einmalige Wohlfühl-Atmosphäre. Woche für Woche pilgern Hunderte Elektrobegeisterte zum Ostbahnhof, um sich im Kater der Musik hinzugeben.