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SO36 Berlin United We Stream #SO36

United We Stream #SO36

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SO36 Berlin 90s Partyhits & Bad Taste! My Ugly X Party

90s Partyhits & Bad Taste! My Ugly X Party

Verlosung 90er Pop 90s Partyhits Bad Taste Trash •••
SO36 Berlin 90s Partyhits & Bad Taste! My Ugly X Party

90s Partyhits & Bad Taste! My Ugly X Party

Verlosung 90er 90s Trash Bad Taste Dance •••

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SO36 stands up against any form of deeds or expressions of racism, sexism or homophobia. We reserve our right to cancel events or performances and to banish any person from our venue which offend against this policy!

Kreuzberg is not just the name of a district of Berlin, it’s an attitude. Kreuzberg is provocative. To some, this part of town with so many immigrants and a diverse array of subcultures is a symbol of the decline of western culture and everything „German”. For others, Kreuzberg is the only part of town where life in the city – in the sense of a diverse metropolis – is possible. The venue of SO 36 at Heinrichplatz does not coincidentally bear the name of the old postal code for Kreuzberg; in this space rich in tradition, a vibrant present meets a compelling past. This atmosphere is reflected in the programming at SO 36.

The hall offers space for newcomers, sounds beyond those of the charts and the mainstream, as well as events and shows by all kinds of projects. Earlier, punk music dominated, while today also metal, hip-hop, crossover, techno, and drum ‚n‚ base are to be found. But concerts and discos are only one part of the event programming. Panel discussions, public readings, and political fundraisers are just as much a part, like neighborhood bingo and karaoke nights, the ballroom dancing in „Café Fatal”, or the oriental gay party „Gayhane”. Meanwhile, a creative gay and lesbian cultural scene with a constantly growing audience has established itself at SO 36. The SO 36 team is just as diverse as its events. People from various groups and with different backgrounds have started the attempt to build bridges.

Together they run SO 36 as the organization Sub Opus 36 e.V. (non-profit organization), which sees itself first and foremost as an initiator and supporter of cultural events. The organization also provides space for events for other cultural, social, and political projects.

The crowd at SO 36 is composed, like the organization, of people of various age groups, cultural scenes, sexual orientations, of disabled and able-bodied, people of different ethnicities and subcultures together. As an influential cultural institution, SO 36 is also relevant beyond the borders of Kreuzberg, and it is impossible to imagine Berlin night life without the venue on Oranienstraße as innovator and crowd magnet.



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Steffen star star star star star 18.10.2020

Ihr müsst bleiben.

Cihan star star star star star 11.10.2020

Europaweite Institution in Sachen alternativer Kultur. SO36 ist Kreuzberg 36.

jens star star star star star 08.09.2020

Einfach nur absoluter Kultladen. Super Booking. Extrem entspannte Athmosphäre bei Punkrockshows. Angenehme Preise. Coole Einlass- und Barcrew. Einer meiner Lieblingsveranstaltungsorte schlechthin. Hauptsache, ihr überlebt auch Corona.

SO36 Berlin Silvester Impressionen

SO36 Silvester Events

Am 31. Dezember heißt es Abschied nehmen vom Jahr 2021 mit all seinen Höhen und Tiefen. Alle Informationen zur SO36 Silvester Party haben wir Dir hier übersichtlich zusammengefasst!

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