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Paradise Club Freikarten gewinnen

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Nimm an der Verlosung teil und gewinne Freikarten!

Verlosung Paradise Club 4x1 Freikarten

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How does the raffle work? If you sign up for the raffle here, you'll be entered into our pool of entrants. The winners will be selected randomly using an algorithm and notified via email.

Before entering the club, each guest goes through a security check by the bouncers. Then you go to the cash desk. If you're a lucky winner of our raffle, you tell them your name and that you've won free tickets through Gästeliste030.

Sometimes the cash desk personnel can get confused if you've signed up for the regular guest list and also won our raffle for the same event. That's because your name will appear twice in their system. If they initially refuse to grant you free entry, remind them that your name is listed as a raffle winner in their system as well.

Please note that winning free tickets does not guarantee entry. Entry and selection are at the discretion of the personnel on site.

If there are any unexpected issues at the cash desk, we apologize in advance. We would appreciate a brief message from you so we can resolve any complications and continue to improve our service in the future.