808 29.03.: Holidae Inn

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· 23:00 · 110
HipHop RnB Trap Future Sounds

· 23:00 · 28
HipHop Trap Classics RnB

Holidae Inn 

The Easter bunny got something special for y'all this time! On #Thursday, March 29th it's all about us peeps chillin at the Holidae Inn. Since we got a day off on the next day, there won’t be any excuse to not let loose!

This night will be filled with a big a** turn up, brought to you by four banging hot DJ's called DJ Maxxx, DJ OKizZ, Pancake and none other than the man Frizzo.

All of this will start at 10 PM and will be the start of a wild weekend, only at 808 Berlin! We hope y'all ready for this and be prepared for some boozy as Easter eggs. 

Yours truly & Happy Easter,
808 x Holidae Inn


+ Frizzo
+ Maxxx
+ Okizz
+ Pancake


Abendkasse: tba

Tischreservierung: reservation@808.berlin


808 Berlin

Budapester Straße 38-40
10787 Berlin

Unmittelbar zwischen Monkey Bar und 25hours Hotel haben die Macher der Tube Station ihr neues Wohnzimmer bezogen. Das "Eight Oh Eight" oder kurz "808" steht für 100 Prozent Hip Hop und rundet die Abendunterhaltung im Bikini Haus ab. Neben Restaurants, Bars und Hotels ist der Club gut aufgehoben.