808 28.07.: The Frat

Das Event "The Frat" @ 808 hat bereits am 28.07.2018 stattgefunden.
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· 23:00 · 11
HipHop Trap Classics RnB

· 23:00 · 8
HipHop RnB Trap Future Sounds

The Frat

Carpe noctem fratribus et sororibus,

as we are back with another one! The summer has been kind to us so far, the fratocious activities were at an all time high - the weather is warming, the drinks are cooling - what more can a brother ask for? Excuse us for bringing you the heat during the nights as well, but we can't change that, it's in our DNA! All we can do is offer you an air conditioned frat-house and some booze on the rocks at the bar. Cheers!

On the 28th of July we will bring you fireworks in the form of music excitement - our brother DJ Hotsauce is bringing that Minga heat. He serves it in CUPSWITDAICE. Str8 styrofoamin' fam! By his side the omnipresent brother Dj SOSA will hit you with the bangers. Another fratavaganza on the way... fasten your seatbelts!


+ HOTSAUCE (Munich, Oomp Camp, BSTN Soundsystem)
+ SOSA (Berlin)


Abendkasse: tba


808 Berlin

Budapester Straße 38-40
10787 Berlin

Unmittelbar zwischen Monkey Bar und 25hours Hotel haben die Macher der Tube Station ihr neues Wohnzimmer bezogen. Das "Eight Oh Eight" oder kurz "808" steht für 100 Prozent Hip Hop und rundet die Abendunterhaltung im Bikini Haus ab. Neben Restaurants, Bars und Hotels ist der Club gut aufgehoben.