Lido 20.06.: Paranoid

Das Event "Paranoid" @ Lido hat bereits am 20.06.2014 stattgefunden.
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PARANOID + The monthly Rock&Roll+Party at Lido!
The waiting has come to an end! Finally Berlin has a regular clubnight where you can party to the coolest Rock&Roll+Sounds. Who finds the common Indie+Parties to poppy and starched, who finds metal bars frumpy and grumpy, who fears teenagers and trite blockbusters at Ballermann+Rockparties, watch your knickers get wet! The city's finest deejays spin:


+ STONER à la Queens Of The Stoneage, Monster Magnet, Graveyard or Kyuss
+ GARAGEROCK à la White Stripes, Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or Jon Spencer
+ SCANDINAVIAN+ROCK à la Hellacopters, Turbonegro, International Noise Conspiracy or Hives
+ OLD SCHOOL METAL à la Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Pentagram or Slayer
+ 70'S ROCK à la Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, MC5 or AC/DC.
+ PRE+GRUNGE à la Nirvana, Soundgarden, Melvins or Mudhoney
+ US+ALTERNATIVE à la Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Beck or Lemonheads
+ UK+INDIEROCK à la Supergrass, Kasabian, Primal Scream or Oasis


Abendkasse: 10€