Velodrom 20.04.: Neonsplash - Paint-Party® Color is Creation Tourstop Berlin!

Das Event "Neonsplash - Paint-Party® Color is Creation Tourstop Berlin!" @ Velodrom hat bereits am 20.04.2013 stattgefunden.
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Neonsplash - Paint-Party® Color is Creation Tourstop Berlin!

All new production, MORE Paint than ever before and an unbelievable live concert experience you will never forget!

Various ancient cultures have predicted the year 2012 to be the end of civilisation. Today we know Humanity has outlasted a harrowing range of beliefs in cataclysmic events that were to occur on Dec 21st 2012, the end-date of the mesoamerican long-count calender conceived by the Mayan Empire.We believe, that as we commence the year 2013, the Armageddon our planet Earth has survived, shall indicate an aeon of transformation. From this time forth, Humanity shall celebrate the birth of an era of creativity and artistic imagery, opposing the bland, dismal and colorless monotony of everyday life, remembering that Color is Creation, breathing life into our infinite love, our deepest emotion and wildest imagination.Combining the elements of world-class sound and lighting design, international DJ Talent, marvellous musical and acrobatic performance artistry, reality-bending special effects and a raging ocean of NEON PAINT – This years NEONSPLASH – Paint-Party® Color is Creation Tour 2013 will stand by an entire Generation, as it rediscovers the true artist within and recreates a dreamworld in color.


+ Nick Svenson (Toulouse, Frankreich)
+ Beatnut (Berlin)
+ Calvin Bosco (Berlin)
+ Performing Artists
+ Neonsplash Residents


Abendkasse: 20,00€
VVK Tickets ab 10,00 €