Apartment Roof Club 18.06.: Against the Hype / Birthday Bash

Das Event "Against the Hype / Birthday Bash" @ Apartment Roof Club hat bereits am 18.06.2016 stattgefunden.
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Against the Hype / Birthday Bash 

We want to invite you to a night thats special to us not just because it’s our monthly party but because it’s our anniversary mofos! 
It’s been a year since we started our little "Against The Hype" party doing what we love: playing house music. It’s deep and techy and music you can dance to. That was our goal from the beginning and we won’t change !
This time we want to take you to another Location. We’ll be at the Apartment Roof Club at Amano Grand Central (+Rooftop)
And as birthday Hypers we want you to celebrate our birthday with us as we’ve prepared a little gathering before the party. Plan is as follows:

9 PM indoor/outdoor - Apartment Roof Club & Rooftop 


+ Kevin Cremer ( Against The Hype )
+ Sean Yves ( Against The Hype )
+ Rausch ( Against The Hype )
+ David Luca ( Against The Hype)