Marie-Antoinette 18.04.: The Dance Depot Vol. 3

This event "The Dance Depot Vol. 3" @ Marie-Antoinette has already ended on 04/18/2019.
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Verlosung Marie-Antoinette: 2x1 Freikarten

The deadline at our lottery has ended on 04/17/2019 at 3:00 PM.

The Dance Depot Vol. 3

Be prepared for the third edition of Berlin‘s electropical party series THE DANCE DEPOT: a night beyond all borders. 

Friday is a holiday - bring your dancing shoes.


+ She Knows + Special Guest: Cid Travaglia [ Napalma MUSIC ]
+ Monster Mouse
+ DANCE DEPOT + Special Guest

+ Cara Carpaccio
+ Marabou Musik
+ DJ DISCJOCKEY [ Soliklub ]


Abendkasse: 8-12 €