808 18.04.: Helden der Nacht - 90's Mixtape Memories - Easter Thursday

This event "Helden der Nacht - 90's Mixtape Memories - Easter Thursday" @ 808 has already ended on 04/18/2019. Here you can find upcoming events for this location!

· 11:00 PM · 62
HipHop Trap Classics RnB

· 11:00 PM · 100
RnB Trap HipHop Future Sounds

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HipHop RnB Trap Future Sounds

Helden der Nacht - 90's Mixtape Memories - Easter Thursday

Oh yeahh, the 90's are back for another extraordinary night at 808 Berlin!
Last time was amazing and we are ready to serve you some more delicious 90's vibes… get ready to listen to the ultimate 90's soundtrack – we will play it all.
It's Easter, which means the following day is a Holiday... and we do have some nice Easter surprises for you – come early and you'll get your own glowlight and a delicious smooth shot at the entrance.
The 90's are calling – so better pick up the phone, grab your friends and join the party!
808 Berlin x Helden Der Nacht


+ JAM (HdN)
+ MATA (808)


Abendkasse: tba


808 Berlin

Budapester Straße 38-40
10787 Berlin

Unmittelbar zwischen Monkey Bar und 25hours Hotel haben die Macher der Tube Station ihr neues Wohnzimmer bezogen. Das "Eight Oh Eight" oder kurz "808" steht für 100 Prozent Hip Hop und rundet die Abendunterhaltung im Bikini Haus ab. Neben Restaurants, Bars und Hotels ist der Club gut aufgehoben.