Brunnen70 17.01.: Royal Wedding Festival

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Royal Wedding Festival

Herz&Leber and the Baum Haus Collective invites you to an evening of URBAN ADVENTURE!
Join us in the amazing Brunnen70 - THE underground labyrinth of good times.

Techno, Freak Show, Electro Swing, Tech House, Hip Hop, Art Installations, Circus Performers, Wedding Chapel, Karaoke, Beat Boxing, Adventure Playground, Body Art, Market Stalls to name but a few, truly something for everyone.

Delicious Dance!
Holy Hazard!
Vicious Vision!
Bensøn's Birthday!
SPECIAL // Vodkarutsche
SPECIAL // Wedding Chapel with ...
100% Brunnen70

APPLAUS // Herz&Leber // swinger

__Louie Prima (Electro Swing Revolution)

__Justin Fidèle (Electroswing Revolution)

Between air bubbles and one million lights you can start dreaming and losing yourself in the lovely sound of Electro Swing. Two of Berlin's best performers will round up the beauty of this floor.

TRABANT // Herz&Leber // mensch

__Hannes Fischer (Sonar Kollektiv)

__Hugs + Kisses (confidance Booking)

__miKech (Who Else Music)

__Kleiner Knochen LIVE-ACT (Stay Free Kollektiv)

__FreudenTanz LIVE-ACT (Herz&Leber)

__Kollektiv SvenLars (Herz&Leber)

__VISUALS: akustoOptik

The H&L-Crew will supply you with the right Tech sounds for your night out and will keep you going all the way 'til the end. Enjoy the main floor as long as you possibly can and give your best moving your booty as much as possible! But not only your eyes will be full of joy at our party. We will also indulge your eyes!

KUNST // Herz&Leber // tier

__ Asem Shama (Highgrade/Ostwind/Sportclub)

__Por.No (HangarTechno)

__ LillyMu (Sommermücke/Interferenz)

__station#10 (Herz&Leber)

__Super Splash Bros. LIVE-ACT (Herz&Leber)
aKa ATech ft. Konrad van Boven

Within our Techno hell you can pick up your monthly unity of epilepsy. This is the right place to lose your mind. It's the right time to forget about time. The H&L-Crew will fog everything and everybody and poison your brain lobe. Come drunk and leave fucked!

POLAR // Herz&Leber //

__Sinjo (BoxFace Studios/SUBLAND/New Zealand)
DJ-Set + Live BBX

__Bassbin Jim (One Love Drum n Bass)

__Yami Jap N'easy (Quench Records/Vreude)

On this floor we'll have a great mix of all kinds of genres linked to D'n'B. Come and let yourself fall into UK-Garage sounds or even some live Beatboxing! Just be there, enjoy the vibe and move your booooty!

KESSEL // Bensøn's B-DAY // freak

__Bensøn (Herz&Leber)

__Sir Simon! (Herz&Leber)

__emma (Herz&Leber)

Come into B70's deepest space and explore the smallest dancefloor this world has seen! The right place to lose it all and free your spirit! Happy Birthday Bensøn!!

BÜHNE // Baum Haus // flaneur

Our little theater stage will host some out of their mind artists that will make you stop, stare, wonder, laugh and you will be striken with awe. This place was made to make you question the integrity of your eyes. You have to look closely!

BAR BELGIQUE // ★ Don't grow up it's a traP ★ // spieler

__BIERBier-Pong Turnier sponsored by
__Giant Twister

In this area you can really let your drunken self go and free yourself. Go crazy enjoy the moment and freaking emberass yourself!

RADIO // Brunnen FM 87,0 // oldie

__Disco Classics all night long
hosted by Disko Meindl

WALD // Jam Session // chiller

__Live Jam with Compañero Carlo

On our tiny forest stage you will be able to discover a upcoming folk band who will put a smile on your face and give you one and another chill.