Ipse 16.07.: Random Noise: Open Air & Warehouse

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· 4:00 PM until 04/28/19 - 8:00 AM · 5
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Random Noise: Open Air & Warehouse

Every Thursday!
Good weather: 20H Open Air + 0H Warehouse
Bad weather: 23H Warehouse

In the beginning everything was just RANDOM NOISE. 
It is the composer who controls and organizes every sound to make it music.Patterns of drums, arrangements of bass or motives of melodies which end up to make a track that makes people want to move. 
Ipse provides the perfect environment for this sound concept with their gorgeous open air area at the Spree river and the massive warehouse, both equipped with awesome sounding Kirsch-Audio soundsystems. 
Be ready for a summer where noise becomes music..

- Open Air & Warehouse (Indoor) -
2 Floors // Kirsch Audio // 


+ Josh Butler [Noir // Cajual]
+ Magit Cacoon[Upon.You]
+ Okain [Upon.You]
+ Michael Placke [WSKTOW]


+ Every Thursday!
+ Good weather: 20H Open Air + 0H Warehouse
+ Bad weather: 23.59H Warehouse


VVK: 8€ bzw. 10€ ( jeweils zzgl. Gebühr)
Abendkasse: tba


Ipse Berlin

Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2b
10997 Berlin
Die Ipse liegt direkt an der Spree und ist lockt deshalb schon früh die ersten Gäste zur Veranstaltung. Abends gibt es dann Elektro-Musik. Bei schlechtem Wetter wird auch drinnen gefeiert.