Griessmuehle 15.01.: Baum Haus English Comedy Event

Das Event "Baum Haus English Comedy Event" @ Griessmuehle hat bereits am 15.01.2015 stattgefunden.
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Baum Haus English Comedy Event

Baum Haus English Comedy Event @ Griessmuehle

Thursday 15th January 2015


Please join us for a brilliant evening of English Comedy INDOORS at the amazing Griessmuehle venue in Neukölln.

Doors open at 8pm, Comedy show starts at 9pm.

Hosted by Dharmander Singh

★★★★★ THE VENUE ★★★★★

the Only rule is “nice people only!” please don't bring idiots!" by idiots i mean, drunken louts, sexist or racist attitudes, and behaviour that is "not nice" also Don't bring Dogs !