Kulturhaus Kili 14.08.: Daba Makourejah

This event "Daba Makourejah" @ Kulturhaus Kili has already ended on 08/14/2015. Here you can find upcoming events for this location!

· 11:59 PM until 04/20/19 - 12:00 PM · 73
Electro Techno Tech-House

Daba Makourejah

Kulturhaus Kili presents:

Daba Makourejah on her tour through Europe.
Run come rally for a massive conscious session with the unique messenger woman outa Senegal, supported by Berlin Dub Sisters on the turntables and melodica. We are happy to be hi-powered by our friends and local Soundsystem: Freedom Fighters. 

Come together brothers, sisters and let us share the vibes. Blessed Love***


+ Daba Makourejah
+ Dub Sisters
+ Freedom Fighter Soundsystem