Bar 1820 12.11.: The 4 Jews - Give us our money back, show!

Das Event "The 4 Jews - Give us our money back, show!" @ Bar 1820 hat bereits am 12.11.2016 stattgefunden.
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The 4 Jews - Give us our money back, show!

Two of Berlins finest surviving Jewish standups, and two actual Israeli standups are coming to the Cosmic Comedy Berlin stage to take their money back! (All germans must show up or feel guilty :) )

So who's on the show you ask?

She gives the Jewish princess a bad name:
Caroline Clifford - Is the co host of the longest running english standup night in Berlin "We are not Gemused", she hails from London where she was doing standup for a few years, and now she is finally ready to connect with her roots!

Daniel Louis Vezza
looking for that perfect Jewish husband? Hes...not really your guy.. escaped the states to do standup and music in Berlin, this husband to be is the host of "Monday Night Mikes" in Berlin and tours regularly around germany and Europe.

Ori Halevy
All the way from the mother land, he is a screen and TV writer, does stand up in Israel and some of Berlins top english speaking comedy nights since he got here a month ago, and he will not go back unless you give him back every last Euro! (Not that Jews are into money or anything)

Idan Barkai
Oh no another Israeli, this one is coming especially for this show! He does alot of standup all over Israel and is somewhat of a known actor there (he stands out because of his uncommonly big nose).

All that guilty pleasure for just 10 Euros at the door :) 
(W'ere taking it back peace by peace)​