808 12.05.: Heroes Berlin

Das Event "Heroes Berlin" @ 808 hat bereits am 12.05.2018 stattgefunden.
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· 23:00 · 93
HipHop RnB Trap Future Sounds

· 23:00 · 26
HipHop Trap Classics RnB

Heroes Berlin

Our Heroes are back at it again and of course it's going to be bigger and better!

After the 4th anniversary madness the team of the Berlin Justice-League successfully recovered their hangovers and are ready for the next step.

Together with a very special friends from Brussels, this night will be filled with no breaks. The man goes by the name of Jay Psar and is one of the best of the Benelux countries. The whole thing is complemented by our 808-Tag-Team DJ SoSoKev & DJ Maxxx. In addition to a reasonably successful DJ career, they also have the highest DRINK-PER-HOUR rate in the German capital. Cheers! #NoCapesNeeded

Or in the words of the legendary Jerry B. Anderson – Ready To Splash!


+ JayPsar (Brussels)
+ Maxxx (XXX Berlin)
+ SoSoKev (Fler DJ)


Abendkasse: tba


808 Berlin

Budapester Straße 38-40
10787 Berlin

Unmittelbar zwischen Monkey Bar und 25hours Hotel haben die Macher der Tube Station ihr neues Wohnzimmer bezogen. Das "Eight Oh Eight" oder kurz "808" steht für 100 Prozent Hip Hop und rundet die Abendunterhaltung im Bikini Haus ab. Neben Restaurants, Bars und Hotels ist der Club gut aufgehoben.