Spindler & Klatt 09.05.: Soulmate meets Soul Kombinat Berlin

Das Event "Soulmate meets Soul Kombinat Berlin" @ Spindler & Klatt hat bereits am 09.05.2014 stattgefunden.
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· 22:00 · 1610
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Gästeliste Spinder & Klatt: Frei bis 23:30 Uhr

Die Gästeliste endete am 09.05.2014 um 20:00.

Soulmate meets Soul Kombinat Berlin

Johnny Hitman mit den feinsten Soul Tunes und Herr Bündchen mit funky Beats. Das Line up hält was es verspricht! Da bleibt kein Tanzbein ungeschwungen! Garantiert!

"Johnny Hitman alias Roberto Stolzenburg started to get interested in soul music when he listened to Henry Storch at the Unique Club in Duesseldorf. He got so attached to the music that he started to spin himself at Funk/Soul parties in his hometown. He moved to Berlin and very soon he became a member of the Soulkombinat.

The Soulkombinat was founded in 1997 and has been running their legendary Funk & Soul parties since then in Berlin. Their mixing skills can be decribed best with a quote from Eddie Piller: “There is Soul without Funk, but there is no Funk without Soul.” The term Soul can not only be related to the music, but also to the groove of their hearts. A SOULKOMBINAT originates when the spirit of all concerned parties of a hilarious night melt together and had fun.

In 2003 he went to London for 18 months. There he spinned with DJ´s like 3Hedz and got to know funk legends like Keb Darge, Ian Wright, Jazzman Gerald, Euan Fryer etc..

Due to his Bachelor in Recording Arts he had the great opportunity once again this year to record the unique and very popular Dutch Funk band Lefties Soul Connection.

Since his return from London he has been restless. Together with his co-founder Felix Steinbild he organizes parties and preaches the power of soul nationwide. He spinned at Unique Club (Duesseldorf),  Soulpower (Hannover), Soul City (Cologne), Soul Function (Malmoe), Soulful Turino (Turino), Funkexplosion (Moscow), Fun City Shingaling (St. Petersburg), Rec Festival (Tarragona, Spain) and many more. In 2007 he produced the Dutch Funk/Jazz band Leslie Nielsen and released the 1st Soulkombinat 7” “Petroleum”. Right now he is the resident Dj/Organiser of “Funk is Dirty" & "Wir sind Soul" (Berlin) and "Soul Baby Soul" (Cottbus)."


+ Johnny Hitman mit
+ Herr Bündchen


Abendkasse: 6€
Mit Gästelisten-Anmeldung: Frei bis 23:30 Uhr

Spindler & Klatt

Spindler & Klatt Berlin

Köpenicker Straße 16-17
10997 Berlin
Direkt am Wasser gelegen, verfügt das Spindler & Klatt mit seiner riesigen Spreeterrasse über einen der schönsten Außenbereich der Stadt. Wo die Gäste tagsüber im Restaurant verköstigt werden, verwandelt sich die Location abends in einen Club mit bis zu 2 Floors.