Panke 08.04.: Dressla Jahtari - Rebel Vibes

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· 21:00 · 8
Reggae Jamaican Music Ragga

Dressla Jahtari - Rebel Vibes

REBEL ViBES goes into another round, this time with special guest DRESSLA [JAHTARI]. More sound by Sr.John, Jannali Selecta, Selektor Bony and NG Selecta. Altogether a night with best digital, dub and steppa vibes!

● DRESSLA is a Roots Reggae, Rub A Dub, Digital Dancehall, Ragga, Ska & Rocksteady selekta, currently based in Tel Aviv. He is part of the Jahtari Riddim Force and resident, founding member and promoter of PlugDub Soundsystem and the Bassmaessage sessions in Leipzig as well as the Sequoia Family Hifi in Sheffield, UK.
Furthermore, he maintains close ties with Operation Moses Project, MyLord Sound, Easy Rider, Al Haca Sound, Bassment Rockaz, Rawlph Dread & Jane Bee.
Playing the Jahtari Sound and related Digithall, the past three years have seen him travel all over Europe and to places as far as Mexico City.

● SR. JOHN, reggae music producer and DJ, plays his vinyl collection and digital dubplates from his own production and friends.
As one of the founders of Balkan’s Hi Fi his music has reached across Europe all the way to India, not mentioning his birthplace the Balkan region.

● LITTLE LION SOUND, after being founded by JANNALI SELECTA and Meury Nicolas, became the most important and powerful sound of the Reggae-Dancehall movement in Geneva, Switzerland.

● Rebel Vibes resident SELEKTOR BONY, originally from Mexico, offers a charming mix of dub, reggae and steppa.

● The night is rounded off by NG SELECTA from Italy, also part of Rebel Vibes.


+ DRESSLA [Jahtari]
+ SR. JOHN [ex-Balkan Hi Fi]
+ JANNALI SELECTA [Little Lion Sound]
+ SELEKTOR BONY [Rebel Vibes]
+ NG SELECTA [Rebel Vibes]