Musik & Frieden 07.10.: Afro Haus - Hip Hop, Dancehall, Afro House & Afrobeats auf 5 Areas

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Afro Haus - Hip Hop, Dancehall, Afro House & Afrobeats auf 5 Areas

Afro Sounds are spread through out the world in various forms.
On the 7th of october we celebrate this diversity.
Music, Lifestyle and Food are Major Keys in the Afro Culture. 
At the AFRO HAUS you will get it all. 


On 5 Areas we will present you a journey that you won't forget. 
If you want to take a break from dancing you can chill a the Baumhausbar and enjoy exotic cocktails, hang out at the outdoor area or have a snack at the food corner where our friends from Jab Jab Cuisine &Bananas&Breads serve finest african & carribbean dishes. 

On the main floor we will present you the best in Afrobeats, Hip Hop & Dancehall by Berlins most wanted djs. 

Supported by:
Radio Fritz
Afro Fashion Week Berlin
Ebony & Ivory Hairdressers
Urban Partys Berlin
Amril Hair
Jab Jab Cuisine

Line-Up & Musik:

*** Afrobeats x Dancehall x Hip Hop***

# Dj Silent Pressure ( Bass Dive )
# Mighty Timeless ( TIMELESS SOUND )
# DJ JC ( Afrokalypse )

On the second floor its all about afro house, future sounds and african electronic music.

Second Floor:
***Afro House x Future Sounds***

Producer of Baby Philipp, Debordo,Leekunfa, Kedjevara, Espoir 2000, Awilo Longomba, Nash & Suspect 95 
# Qumasiquamé ( Through My Speakers )
# Haizel ( It's A London Thing )

All in the name of Fela - We will play Afrobeat, Hiplife & Highlife all night at the Baumhausbar Floor.

Baumhausbar Floor:
*** Afrobeat x Hiplife x Highlife ***

The line up speaks for itself. 
So better tell a friend to tell a friend. One Love...


Abendkasse: 8€
Mit Gästelisten-Anmeldung: Bis 0 Uhr 5€ Eintritt

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