Cookies 06.06.: Thank You For Dancing #7

Das Event "Thank You For Dancing #7" @ Cookies hat bereits am 06.06.2013 stattgefunden.
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Ali Schwarz never does things by halves with his label Souvenir – less then ever when it´s his birthday and we are up to celebrate it condign at Cookies tonight! Besides him Ruede Haglestein, Paul Mogg and Bonnie will come to create an unforgetable night for all of us on the Main Floor – a great catch in terms of disco house music. If 30 BPM are too much for you, we also have magnificent DJ Schowi on the Dream Floor. Also this year the proceeds go to the association „Loyal e.V.“ in Kreuzberg. So come around for a good reason and celebrate our birthday child with us!


Main: Ruede Hagelstein (Souvenir), Ali Schwarz (Souvenir), Paul Mogg
Mini: Schowi, Bonnie (musique couture)