Bohannon Soulclub 05.02.: Bend Down... Pause

This event "Bend Down... Pause" @ Bohannon Soulclub has already ended on 02/05/2016.
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Gästeliste Bohannon-Club: Bis 1 Uhr 5€

The deadline at our guest list has ended on 02/05/2016 at 6:00 PM.

Bend Down... Pause

„Bend Down, Bend Down…Pause"


Bohannon invites you to a unique night called "„Bend Down, Bend Down…Pause" where we are going to create a Caribbean Carnival feeling right in the heart of Berlin.
Jamming to Dancehall, Afrobeats & a lot of Soca Music, while sipping on a cold drink, we are celebrating till morning just to make sure we won´t regret that we aren´t in Trinidad this year ;)

Come & enjoy a special night full of vibes with Barney Millah & DJ Hightowa!!


+ Barney Millah (Carnival Explosion // Vintage Night)
+ DJ Hightowa (SWS // Bass Dive)


Abendkasse: 8€
Mit Gästelisten-Anmeldung: Bis 1 Uhr 5€