Badehaus 02.10.: The Swag Jam W/ Rapturous ‘How Far’ Release Party| Dj Giam

Das Event "The Swag Jam W/ Rapturous ‘How Far’ Release Party| Dj Giam" @ Badehaus hat bereits am 02.10.2018 stattgefunden.
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The SWAG JAM w/ Rapturous ‘how far’ Release Party| Dj Giam

Our MC, Rapturous Apollo Helios aka RAH, recently released a masterpiece, his first solo album ‘HOW FAR?’. Together with you we want to celebrate this special occasion and play a few tracks with our brother. SWAG FAMILY REPRESENT #yeahyeah

Before RAH shares his very personal songs with us we will have Catalina Club on our stage. The band around frontman Edgar Wallis plays a mixture of soul, hip hop and pop and will make you dance dance dance. 

Also October 3rd is a holiday: Day of German Unity! What unity you say? 
The worst times are the most important to celebrate occasions like this one. Come and join us for a night of positivity without ignorance, a gathering of likeminded people from all over this world that make our city so damn diverse and loveable. Let’s spread some unity in this mo’fucker.

Dj for the night is the one and only, hiphop don’t stop Dj Giam #yeahyeah


+  Rapturous Apollo Helios, R. A. H. | Mc, Vocals & The Head
+ King Solomon | Vocals & Spirit
+ Sugarbear | Guitar & Hype Man
+ Roy Danger | Keys & Soundshead
+ Stefan "Strinx" Fuhr | Bass & Producing
+ Jan "Stix" Pfennig | Drums & Groovemaster
+ Afromaniac | Scratches & Samples


Abendkasse: 8 €


Badehaus Berlin

Revaler Straße 99
10245 Berlin
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