Yaam 02.08.: Julian Marley & The Uprising (live)

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Julian Marley & The Uprising (live) 

Born 4 June 1975 Julian Marley is the son of reggae artist and performer Bob Marley, and Lucy Pounder. Julian is known to be a Grammy award nominated, reggae singer, musician, songwriter, producer and humanitarian. He follows into his father’s footsteps and is a devout Rastafarian who uses his music to inspire his life and spirituality. He is the only son from Bob Marley that was born in the UK Julian was raised by his mother, Lucy Pounder in England and would make frequent trips to Jamaica to visit his brothers. Growing up, he was surrounded by a musical atmosphere, which helped him quickly develop and adopt into the musical lifestyle. At an early age, he taught himself how to master the bass, drums, guitar, and keyboards. By the young age of 5, Julian recorded his first demo at the family home of the Marley’s in Kingston, Jamaica. While growing up, Julian was living in between England and Jamaica and eventually he found himself creating a home base in Miami, Floridawhere the family owned their own studio called The Lions Den. Although Julian was a Jamaican at heart, he is said to credit his British upbringing as a major influence on his music. Julian reflects „I feel privileged to be part of the musical roots that my father, Bob Marley, laid in England. I look forward to relate the cultural gifts and musical creations that he has bestowed on me.” In 1993, Julian moved to Jamaica to be closer to his brothers. Julian and his brothers Damian and Stephen officially incorporated Ghetto Youths International Inc., which is owned by Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley in 2002. The label allowed all the brothers to work closely with each other on musical collaborations. This also allowed them to produce and release various works featuring many artists to include their own material for the Ghetto Youths imprint. It successfully carried on the Marley tradition, which lets music communicate to a global audience. The following year, Julian got the opportunity to unite and perform with all his brothers at the Roots Rock Reggae Festival in the United States. Along with the Marley family they also went to perform at the „Africa Unite“ in Ethiopia, Ghana & Jamaica.


Julian Marley & The Uprising (live)


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Yaam Berlin

An der Schillingbrücke
10243 Berlin
Im Yaam trifft Karibik-Flair auf Berliner Charme. Hier wird jamaikanisches Bier getrunken, während moderne Streetart und Graffitis entstehen. Musik, Kultur und Party gehen im Yaam Hand in Hand und machen die Location zu einem besonderem Erlebnis.