Polygon 22.07.: Soundopia - Day Dreamers/VONDA7, Click Click u.v.m

Das Event "Soundopia - Day Dreamers/VONDA7, Click Click u.v.m" @ Polygon hat bereits am 22.07.2018 stattgefunden.
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Soundopia - Day Dreamers/VONDA7, Click Click u.v.m

In a utopic world where Music takes over the ears, eyes, minds and souls with deep, dreamy, soulful and yet hard, wicked and mighty tunes, we gather and celebrate by dreaming the day to night and new day's new sunrise for its new beginnings. 

SoundOpia welcomes you to the Day Dreamers of Berlin: 
A utopia of sounds with its mystic, colourful and festival ambient set up for a full complete musical journey.


+ VONDA7 (Last Night On Earth)
+ Click | Click (Snatch Records, Exploited Rec)
+ TroySoul / SoundOpia Records & festivals
+ KC Wray (Inner Circle Records / GUN POWDER)
+ Techno Jesus (Birgit&Bier)
+ ELSA BJE (Paloma Reykjavik) 


Abendkasse: tba