Czar Hagestolz 11.07.: Haut #2 - Summer Edition (Open Air & Indoor)

Das Event "Haut #2 - Summer Edition (Open Air & Indoor)" @ Czar Hagestolz hat bereits am 11.07.2015 stattgefunden.
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HAUT #2 

Speak & dance with your living skin:

The boys from GutterSlut and Pornceptual are teaming up again to bring you the Summer Edition of HAUT at Berlin's Czar Hagestolz.

With open air short film screenings by Xposed International Queer Film Festival Berlin.

HAUT draws its inspiration from the tradition of Berlin's Underground Techno Scene. 

The party is a Zeitgeist celebration of electronic dance music, the body, a fun-DIY-attitude, new forms of gender expressions and creative freedom.

Come with an open mind, have fun and shed your skin!




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