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Π35 (22 Hours)

Here comes the 35th Π party: a summer edition of 22 hours, with all stages of about blank open from Friday midnight to Saturday evening. This is a solo curation by Pi Electronics, which hosts a handful of Greek talent from Athens. 

THE MDF FLOOR of About Blank will kick off with the live concert of the Greek cold wave band, Selofan. Support, opening and closing dj sets come from the aufnahme + wiedergabe boss, Philipp Strobel. 
There are two additional live sets to follow: one by the Pi Electronics resident Nemmett, who performs his debut techno live set, and the second coming from the project called ‘Dint’, currently seeing releases on the experimental/DnB label, Samurai Horo. 
The MDF floor also hosts dj sets by the Chicago based duo, Talker, also well known from their releases on Downwards records. The floor will close with the dj behind the legendary Astron Bar in Athens, BMSK.

THE LOBBY hosts the likes of Rotterdam based, Dj Overdose - with support dj sets by the Athens based djs: K.atou and Saradis & Roman. Music will range from early hip hop and electro, to house, disco and techno. Furthermore, the stage will be decorated in a ‘Arabic Feminism’ theme by Maxi Wittek, due to Kim's bday :)

THE GARDEN, after hours stage opens at 09:00 in the morning, on Saturday, with break through talent, Devika. 
Bill Kouligas, the master mind behind the infamous PAN records will contribute a 3 hours dj set, same as the artist behind the Athens based label Vanila, ANFS. 
Steve Summers, well know also from his records on L.I.E.S. and Clone, will perform his new live set after a long absence from Berlin. 
Finally, Pi Electronics founder, 3.14 is also at the garden of about blank in this great after hours line up.


+ Selofan (Fabrika Records)
+ concert support by Phillipp Strobel (aufnahme+wiedergabe)
+ Talker (Downwards Records)
+ Dint [live] (Samurai Horo)
+ Phillipp Strobel (aufnahme+wiedergabe)
+ Nemmett [live] (Pi Electronics) -PREMIER-
+ BMSK (Astron Bar Athens)

+ Dj Overdose (Viewlexx)
+ K.atou (Revolt)
+ Saradis & Roman (Meltdown)

GARDEN (after hours: 9am - 9:30pm)
+ Bill Kouligas (PAN Records)
+ Steve Summers [live] (L.I.E.S.)
+ ANFS (Vanila)
+ 3.14 (Pi Electronics)
+ Devika (Unstable Signal)


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about blank

about blank Berlin

Markgrafendamm 24c
10245 Berlin
Das about blank ist eine der Locations, die die Elektro-Szene in Berlin definieren. Direkt am S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz gelegen, ist das about blank leicht zu erreichen und ein beliebter Anlaufpunkt für Freunde guter Musik. In warmen Sommernächten werden auch Open Airs im großzügigen Freiluftbereich gefeiert.