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Panke Berlin 195bln Dis-Tanz

195bln Dis-Tanz

Hip Hop Bass Garage Future Beats
Panke Berlin United We Stream #Panke

United We Stream #Panke

Recommendation Tickets Live-Stream Hip Hop RnB
Panke Berlin 195.bln x 808s & drumbreaks

195.bln x 808s & drumbreaks

Hip Hop Bass Grime Future Bass Garage


is a creative multi-purpose space in Wedding. It is run by a collective of creative people and is registered as a non-profit members organisation, a Verein. Its main aim is to promote experimental/fringe creativity in Berlin, as well as to offer an alternative meeting point for the up-and-coming creative scene of Wedding.

The Café, PANKE’s meeting Hub serves vegan/vegetarian food and coffee during the day and hosts different events in the evening in a friendly, warm environment. Additionally there are more than 150m2 space for exhibitions, Kino,Workshops, talks, theatre, art or music events  and a garden to relax in summer alongside the river Panke.

The project was started in 2009 by Erika Siekstelyte and Justas Rudziaskas, who after being involved in various creative programmes in Vilnius, decided to move to Berlin to try something for a more challenging audience. Soon they were joined by a large number of people who work around Panke mostly as volunteers and the Panke collective was eventually created. Around this collective, Panke developed conceptually and as a space.


The front room is Panke’s ‘daily’ space in which a café operates, vegan/vegeterian food is served and different events are hosted on particular days. This is Panke’s meeting hub, a friendly environment, in which Panke people meet and have a good time, discussing projects and ideas. We have worked very hard to make this a comfortable and warm space and it is frequently complimented as such. Occasionally the bar also hosts some of our smaller special events, such as one-off VJ-sets, acoustic music performances and workshops. The art and design of the bar space have all been gradually created by Panke people and so in that respect the image of our bar is a continuous work-in-progress.


The largest of our spaces, this is where Panke holds its bigger / more complex events. . This large space is dividable and different parts of it are used according to the needs of each event. The space is more than 100 square metres big and can easily accommodate 300 guests


The gallery was built to hold single-room specific-purpose installation work by artists of different media. It has white walls all-over and is equipped with projectors, monitors and soft plinths. Our gallery has hosted both digital work and more traditional media, such as painting and sculpture.


Our pretty garden, which sees the river Panke, from which our name is taken,  host outdoor events of various types and organize meals and fresh drinks. From October to April Panke bistro is opened Wednesday – Sunday from 12:00 to open-end; from April to October – from 18:00 to open-end. It has WiFi and is very sunny.

Panke Berlin Halloween Impressionen

Panke Halloween Events

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Panke Berlin Silvester Impressionen

Panke Silvester Events

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