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Danziger Strasse 1, 10435 Berlin

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Horns & Hooves Berlin Fir Le Fanz - a wicked mayfair (Part II)

Fir Le Fanz - a wicked mayfair (Part II)

Lottery Cabaret-Punk Folk Tech-House electro swing •••
Horns & Hooves Berlin Fir Le Fanz - a christmas freakshow

Fir Le Fanz - a christmas freakshow

Lottery cabaret circus punk deep house tech house dark cabaret •••
Horns & Hooves Berlin Taco at Horns & Hooves with Apadiel

Taco at Horns & Hooves with Apadiel


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Enter our brand new eclectic eccentric, bizarre and unexpected, priviledged and yet accessible brand new venue. Step right up and explore a wide variety of magic, music and entertainment.
It’s just around the corner. Danziger Strasse 1. (we told you it’s just next door!)
Come and be seduced by our artists, creatures of the night and discover the secrets that we have in stock for you! Drinks will be served fair and cold. It is a little bit hoovy and a little bit horny…

A journey to the glamorous pleasures of the Underworld, garden of underearthly delights.

The Beautiful Jewels, one of the last surviving female sword swallowers and artiste extraordinaire, has returned to Berlin to open her own venue: a hoofy, horny mix of club, cabaret, circus and piano bar. Together with partner Dennis Boris Khomtchenko of MS Stubnitz, Waffengalerie and CCCP fame, and her husband, the actor and musician Stephen Thompson, Jewels invites you to this garden of underearthly delights: “Horns & Hooves is eclectic, excentric, unexpectedly bizarre, a programme of a kind not yet known in Berlin.”

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