Sat. 02/11/19 - 11:00 PM until Sun. 03/11/19 - 6:00 AM
Gästelistenplatz für Spindler & Klatt Berlin am 02.11.2019

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Gästeliste Spindler & Klatt Bis 0:30 Uhr nur 5 € Eintritt

Please note

How does the guest list work? First you have to apply here for the guest list. In front of the club every guest has to go through a security check. Then you go to the box office. Tell your name und say that you’re on the Gästeliste030 guest list. Then you pay a reduced admission fee.

To be on the guest list doesn’t guarantee the entrance in the club. This decision falls under the responsibility of the local staff.

If there was any problem, please let us know, so we can improve our service for you.