Tresor 31.08.: Tuna Park

Das Event "Tuna Park" @ Tresor hat bereits am 31.08.2012 stattgefunden.
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· 23:59 · 32
Electro Techno Tech-House

· 23:59 · 11
Electro Techno Tech-House

· 23:59 bis 23.02.19 - 12:00 · 10
Electro Techno Tech-House

Tuna Park

The August summer dome comes to a close and it's Friday night. Friday night stands for electronic dance music excellence in our book and it's called Tuna Park. And it means: move to the superior and consistent beat of the Tresor spirit. The +4Bar gets the rhythym going with Quarion who entered the scene in 2006 via a spellbounding EP on Drumpoet Community followed by classic remixes and releases on Retreat, Future Classic, Quintessentials, and Perspectiv among others. A special project from Hip-Hop, Nu Jazz and Techno producer Ianeq, Quarion aims to go back to the roots of hipnotic dance music by exploring the deeper aspects of House and Techno. Lerosa is the alias of Dublin–based Italian producer Leopoldo Rosa. Lerosa began producing his own music in 2000, concentrating initially on electro but broadening his range into unconventional house and techno styles, releasing on fine labels such as Dublin’s D1 Recordings, Enclave Recordings and Uzuri. Christian Vance is one of Australias premier Techno technicians. Based in Melbourne, Christian has been performing live & DJing the world over for over of a decade and has released on Perspectiv as well as on his own label Haul music. From dark rhythms to the soul-fuelled sounds that have driven his success over recent years, he rounds off a very delectable night of house music in the +4Bar. The basement celebrates the end of August with an explosion of Berlin techno: if you have never experienced a live performance by Alexander Kowalski then now is your chance. This Berlin icon of undergound techno is a club, festival and event headliner famous for elevating the atmosphere to extreme rave levels and keeping it there with precision intent. His own Damage Music Berlin label has already a handful of excellent releases by contemporary Berlin techno artists and there is no end in sight for this maverick music maker. And with a team of dream-team artists to share the decks: Tresor Records' techno composer of precision and innovation in electronic evolution, Pacou stands for Tresor solidity. DJ Luke and HGR take the decks with fervor and passion, transforming the entire Tresor Floor universe into a mega Berlin night of Tresor True Spirit like you won't experience ANYWHERE ELSE. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Live: Alexander Kowalski (Damage Music, Tresor Records)
Pacou (Caché, Tresor Records)
DJ Luke (Tresor)
Hintergrundrauschen (Tresor)

Live: Quarion (Retreat, Drumpoet Community)
Lerosa (Uzuri Recordings, Apartment Records)
Christian Vance (Haul Music, Perspectiv)


Tresor Berlin

Köpenicker Str. 70
10179 Berlin
Der Tresor sticht mit seiner düstereren, industriellen Atmosphäre aus der Berliner Clublandschaft hevor. Auch der Sound in dem ehemaligen Heizkraftwerk unterscheidet sich durch seine Detroit-Techno Einflüsse von den bekannten Klängen anderer Locations.