Ohm 31.03.: Atavism with Ovatow (Frustrated Funk)

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Atavism with Ovatow (Frustrated Funk)

Initially kicked off by the ascent of electronic hardware for sound synthesis in the ‘70s, the surge of electro has now been around for almost a lifetime. Compared to the traditionally dull message of dance music ranging from sexmoneylove to moneylovesex, electro is quite the misfit. Since the dehumanizing approach to music of Kraftwerk, posthumanism and artificial intelligence were a recurring subject in this genre. Although, most electro producers probably lack the scientific background to make valid statements on topics of such kind, the transported feeling perfectly matches the impending conflict of humanity and its technology. 
Siri or Shodan – that is the question. 

Hailing from Europe’s equivalent to Detroit, the not-so-beautiful city of Rotterdam, we invited Klen aka Ovatow as the main act for the annual spring break Atavism. All new, same same, but different, but still the same. Ovatow is pulling the strings behind the label Frustrated Funk, which has constantly been exploring the rifts between electro, techno, and house since 2002 and has been a platform for artist like 214, Cybonix, E.R.P. and more. You see where this is going.


+ Ovatow (Frustrated Funk)
+ Attila (LACKRec)
+ Gian (LACKRec)
+ Si.mon


Abendkasse: 8€