Tresor 30.12.: Final Knall

Das Event "Final Knall" @ Tresor hat bereits am 30.12.2011 stattgefunden.
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· 23:59 bis 23.03.19 - 12:00 · 21
Electro Techno Tech-House

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Electro Techno Tech-House

· 23:59 · 1
Electro Techno Tech-House

Final Knall

When something “knalls” we’re talking about the German expression for that unmistakable sound of CRACKING or exploding, and tonight we’re of course referring to music! Just before New Year’s Eve you’re guaranteed a Friday night of electronica à la Berlin of the highest quality. Starting on the Globus Floor with Daniel Rajkovic, the house rhythm heats up to boiling levels with is incredible mix of urban to international tech-house gems, all in a skilled mixing style not to be missed – dancing fever! Also on the decks: frequent guest Fabiano, former No Ufos crew member and currently with Upon.You records, spinning his fierce mix of drifty, pumpin’ tech-house, often with a touch of more house than techno. Excellent support by Gunnar Stillar and Eva Be takes the night to stellar house regions with more than enough room to shake your body to sweaty heights. Downstairs in the Tresor basement a brilliant techno night is brewing: deeply rooted in the Brussels electronic music scene as DJ and producer since 1993, Peter van Hoesen is considered by many as a man with multiple musical talents: from straight-up dancefloor jackin’ techno to advanced abstract electronica. Van Hoesen‘s music has been released on his own labels Time To Express and Foton as well as through Exone, Komisch, Lan Muzic, Curle, Meakusma and Morse. He’s active as a DJ, producer, sound designer and composer for contemporary dance and theatre. The turntables also welcome the firey techno hands of Berlin’s maverick DJ Alexander Kowalski, founder of his fresh, new Damage Music label, and a towering example of the very best in Berlin underground techno since the beginning of the Tresor legacy. No nonsense, bristling and uncomprimising, a set by Kowalski is no less than hair-raising. A treat tonight is also a techno set by our skilled and inspiring resident DJ Luke – join us in the ecstacy of electronic music in the house that Jack built just for the genre: we are Tresor and we welcome you.


Tresor Berlin

Köpenicker Str. 70
10179 Berlin
Der Tresor sticht mit seiner düstereren, industriellen Atmosphäre aus der Berliner Clublandschaft hevor. Auch der Sound in dem ehemaligen Heizkraftwerk unterscheidet sich durch seine Detroit-Techno Einflüsse von den bekannten Klängen anderer Locations.