Birgit & Bier 30.09.: Everybody Nu & You!

Das Event "Everybody Nu & You!" @ Birgit & Bier hat bereits am 30.09.2018 stattgefunden.
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· 12:00 · 1112
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· 12:00 · 21
traditionelle japanische Musik

Verlosung Birgit & Bier: 1x2 Gästelistenplätze

Die Verlosung endete am 30.09.2018 um 15:00.

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Everybody NU & You!

Birgit&Bier and Slowtribe proudly present:

An interactive day and night with NU & his friends, 80% of the tickets will be sold at the door, 4 Floors with beautiful slow music, Full lineup and program bellow Art, light, massages, games and workshops, Colourful clothing is welcome, Child-friendly daytime activities, Bring an, instruments/art/game for entry discount
“Drift within. This is your body. Throb to the pulse of life, let your heart pump you 
down long red tunnels. Drift to the center.”

This is an invitation for a journey to the center. The center of you, the the center of us, to the center of NU. You will need all your senses for this adventure. On the way you will encounter music, lights, games, taste and human interactions. It is all childs play, and you decide how we write this beautiful story. Let’s make this one special! Bring your toys, bring your instruments, bring your creativity and create a magical Sunday with us. 

During the day you can get involved in several workshops and ceremonies. Enjoy live music and get involved in music and art yourself. Birgit is your playground and you decide how to use it. Children are very welcome to join for free. 

During the night you will meet angels serving you tea from healing herbs. Fairies will paint your face and body, and unicorns will help you discover all hidden corners of our playground. Warm lights, visuals and art will lead your ways, and who knows, maybe you will even find the voodoo-medicine man. Get lost on one of four indoor floors - each with a unique concept to give you the freedom of choosing your personal journey to the center. 

After wandering around the universe for a while, NU returns home with an extended chakra healing set.
He and his friends will create the musical frame for the day and lead you through the night. 
So join our game! The rules are easy and intuitive. We will slowly introduce more details till the day of the journey.


+ Jo.Ke [Feathered Sun]
+ Ricoloop
+ Thomash [Voodoohop]
+ Peter Power [Voodoohop]
+ Luana Schwengber [Voodoohop]
+ Patyfsi [Blum]
+ Elliot Fouchy [Voodoohop]
+ Saeko [Japan Voodoohop]
+ Kotoe [Nomade/TTR]
+ Temperini [Voodoohop]
+ HOVER [Sheepless]
+ Marlon Looney [Slowtribe]
+ Urem [Slowtribe]
+ estimua [Slowtribe]
+ Kowski [Slowtribe]
+ NU & Rebeca Kodaira


+ Open air
+ Body- and facepainting
+ Childfriendly areas
+ Jam session
+ Massage
+ Kakao ceremonie
+ Interactive painting session
+ Herbal drinks
+ Bring an instrument, get discount on the entry fee
+ Discount for creative costumes/dresses/etc.
+ Children will enter for free
+ Dress colourful and feel free to express yourself 
+ Our Joker at the door will welcome you


Abendkasse: 15 €

Birgit & Bier

Birgit & Bier Berlin

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Das Birgit und Bier hat sich in der Berliner Elektroszene einen Namen gemacht. Einer der Hauptgründe dafür ist der liebevoll dekorierte Open-Air Bereich, in dem an warmen Sommerabenden bis in die frühen Morgenstunden getanzt wird. Aber auch indoor hat die Location einiges zu bieten.