Anomalie Art Club 29.09.: Red Bull Music Festival Berlin

Das Event "Red Bull Music Festival Berlin" @ Anomalie Art Club hat bereits am 29.09.2018 stattgefunden.
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Red Bull Music Festival Berlin

Innovators of bass music from all over Europe come together for an unforgettable night celebrating the sub-loving sound.

One of Red Bull Music’s most popular event series, United States of Bass, goes international at Red Bull Music Festival Berlin. Some of the most influential names in Europe’s bass music scene alongside an array of talented newcomers will join together at Berlin’s Anomalie Art Club to highlight the genre’s regional styles, from tropical bass to deconstructed club music. Join us for a night exploring the best of UK grime with genre mainstay D Double E; a special performance from the limitless vocalist and producer Gaika; a DJ set from drum & bass pioneer Goldie as well as a performance from his newest orchestral project with producer James Davidson, Subjective; a unique mix of nighttime sounds from Academy participant Impey; hard drums from Denmark’s Ingrate; hybrid bass from Milan’s Mana; sharp-witted flows from UK rapper Nadia Rose; the rhythmic sounds of Lisbon’s batida with Nídia of Príncipe Discos; leftfield club from Stockholm producer and label boss Oli XL; DJ sets from Berlin nightlife staples Perera Elsewhere and Sick Girls; African-diasporic club from London’s Tash LC; the electrifying beats of France’s Teki Latex; future bass from Moscow’s Tropical Interface; and Hungarian footwork from Uffalo Steez.


+ D Double E (live)
+ GAIKA (live)
+ Impey
+ Ingrate
+ Mana
+ Nídia
+ Oli XL
+ Perera Elsewhere
+ Sick Girls
+ Subjective (Goldie & James Davidson)
+ Tash LC
+ Teki Latex
+ Tropical Interface
+ Uffalo Steez 
+ tba


Abendkasse: 12 €