Griessmuehle 29.08.: Killekill Summer Camp: Voitax x UVB-76

Das Event "Killekill Summer Camp: Voitax x UVB-76" @ Griessmuehle hat bereits am 29.08.2018 stattgefunden.
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· 20:00 · 6
Electro Techno Tech-House

· 23:59 · 12
Electro Techno Tech-House

· 23:59 · 7
Electro Techno Tech-House

Killekill Summer Camp: Voitax x UVB-76

We are closing our Summer Camp Series with a collaboration between two labels whose music we've been enjoying a lot. Voitax and UVB-76 Music are bringing in their unique strains of electronic music and will be providing us with the finest mix of unexpected electronic music of the highest calibre. Be prepared for a sweaty night full of quality music.


+ Pessimist
+ Cressida & Paàl


Abendkasse: tba