Salon - Zur wilden Renate 29.03.: The House of Red Doors: The Circus is Back

Das Event "The House of Red Doors: The Circus is Back" @ Salon - Zur wilden Renate hat bereits am 29.03.2018 stattgefunden.
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The House of Red Doors: The Circus is Back

Rollllll up, Rollllll up!! 

The Bad Bruises circus is BACK in town for one night only!

A mad, motley troupe of carnal carnies has lost their Big Top and invaded The House once again… A new surprise awaits around every corner… are you ready?

Follow the bright lights and the sounds of the circus organ, listen to the the roaring lions and catch a glimpse of the bearded ladies and be dazzled by the beautiful and crazed clowns… 
Can you feel the lingering sense that some subversive, illicit thrill is about to take place… Are you ready for The Greatest Show on Earth? 
On this night Berlin will be treated to a twisted, fabulously fetish feast of sparkling showgirls, showboys and everything in between – 

Step right up! Have your popcorn, cotton candy and confetti at the ready as you explore our lover’s labyrinth and get lost in our world of circus delights...

Knock Knock.

The House of Red Doors is open once again!


+ The Panacea (position chrome, sonic groove)
+ Acid Washed (mille feuilles, record makers)
+ La Fraicheur (leonizer, friends with benefits, quer)
+ Templeton (hypress, ortloff)
+ Beaner (la mission, banoffee_pies)
+ Homeboy (house is ok, renate)
+ Sciarada
+ Dr. Lobster & Pantomiao (silodom, saarbrücken)

+ Julietta LaDoll
+ Valentina DeMonia
+ Lello Li
+ Bishop Black
+ Ciara Looner
+ Evilyn Frantic
+ Fifi Fantome
+ Hotti De Paris
+ Martini Cherry Furter
+ Chika Takahashi
+ Viva lamore
+ Ady Lee Sonerson
+ Reverso


Abendkasse: tba

CIRCUS! You know what to do! Clowns, animals, acrobats, showgirls and boys, ringmasters all the delicious denizens of the traveling show! Of course your favourite HORDs costumes are welcome also, fetish, rubber, latex, nude etc. 
Create. Express. Enjoy.
Street clothes will NOT be permitted.

Salon - Zur wilden Renate

Salon - Zur wilden Renate Berlin

Alt-Stralau 70
10245 Berlin
Die wilde Renate gehört zu den spannendsten Locations der Hauptstadt. Ein Club in einem ehemaligen Wohnhaus ist selbst für Berliner Verhältnisse etwas Besonderes und hat seine ganz eigene Atmosphäre. Aufgelegt wird Elektro und im Sommer kann man im Außenbereich verschnaufen.