Tresor 28.07.: No Silly Season

Das Event "No Silly Season" @ Tresor hat bereits am 28.07.2012 stattgefunden.
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Electro Techno Tech-House

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No Silly Season

Jalebee Cartel has challenged the notion that dance music is a Western domain by single-handedly putting India on the international EDM map. Jalebee has been taking India by storm for over three years. From individual DJ sets to collective live gigs, producing to composing, the multi-talented group pretty much does it all. And the quality is evident from the international interest it’s amassing. This is their return to our home and we're very excited. Joining them is Italian-born Alex Picone who’s passion for deep analogue-sounding grooves is all consuming. He has adopted Berlin as his home city now, plays top clubs internationally, including the prestigious Detroit Movement DEMF in 2009. Prolific and never settling into a routine, expect a lot more from this distinctive artist Alex Picone. Also on hand: DJ Alejandro Vivanco from Chile. It doesn't stop there though: we welcome the oustanding German producer and DJ Sylvie Marks. Not at all new to the international and German scene, she has been extremely active since the early 90s, working with Marusha and eventually with Ellen Alien which began her fruitful cooperation with Bpitch Control - their duo "Hal9000/10" was released in 1999. Since then Sylvie Marks has kept incredibly busy and finally released her debut album "Krazeee" in 2004. The Tresor Floor really wakes you up tonight. Jens Zimmermann`s creed is clear: he feels most comfortable when the light is off, the fog-machine is rolling and he is able to generate his personal microcosm in order to stimulate the crowd euphorically. He has a mania for endless transitions, works with self-produced loops and chooses the right effect for the right time. Unique releases on labels like Snork Enterprises, International Freakshow or Kompakt, exactly mirrors Jens Zimmermann`s philosophy of "the non-resisting groove which has to be pumping". Inspired by the direct and straight nature of pulsating grooves and bassdrums, Jens Zimmermann has returned full of passion and ideals to his old love "Techno", confirmed by a release on the label "Room Recordings" in 2005. Moreover you can find his tracks in recent compilations courtesy of London's Fabric and Frankfurt's Cocoon Club - a fact proving that the "Sound-Scientist" has an influential impact on the scene. Franklin De Costa's first releases were way back in 1996 on his own label Fusion Records (w/ 303 Nation Member, Patrick Vauillaume). Under his Tichy moniker Franklin released various EPs on Frankfurt techno labels until the end of the 90s. His search for inspiration brought him to a very experimental production phase without the "4 to the floor" preset. From this he developed his distinctive trademark sound with straight grooves and frisky sound design. Franklin has gained more international recognition with releases on well-known labels such as Trapez ltd, Karmarouge Noir, Einmaleins Musik and Treibstoff. Look for Franklin de Costa in your club, event and record store: there is a lot more to come. Backed solidly by HGR. And upstairs in the +4Bar Christopher Paksi and Conzuela Comatosa are received by hostess Helga celebrating 15 years of hosting Endless Summer, with a diverse musical program of summer tunes, pool toys and binkinis!


Jalebee Cartel (Ostwind, MakTub/ India)
ft. Arjun Vagale, Ash Roy, Ashvin Mani Sharma
Alex Picone (Cadenza/ Berlin)
Alejandro Vivanco (Cadenza/ Chile)
Sylvie Marks (Hal9000, Gigolo, BPitch Control)

Jens Zimmermann (Snork Enterprises, Treibstoff)
Franklin De Costa (Connaisseur)
Hintergrundrauschen (Tresor)

+4Bar: Endless Summer – 15 years hosted by Helga
Christopher Paksi (hosted by Helga)
Conzuela-Komatosa (hosted by Helga)


Tresor Berlin

Köpenicker Str. 70
10179 Berlin
Der Tresor sticht mit seiner düstereren, industriellen Atmosphäre aus der Berliner Clublandschaft hevor. Auch der Sound in dem ehemaligen Heizkraftwerk unterscheidet sich durch seine Detroit-Techno Einflüsse von den bekannten Klängen anderer Locations.