Ava 27.10.: Degenerate showcase w/ Kaori & Armando

Das Event "Degenerate showcase w/ Kaori & Armando" @ Ava hat bereits am 27.10.2018 stattgefunden.
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· 23:00 · 54
Gästeliste Electro House Tech-House Techno

· 23:00 · 32
Gästeliste Electro House Tech-House Techno

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Degenerate showcase w/ Kaori & Armando

We are back at Ava in October for a new meeting with Japanese Degenerate family member Kaori. Detroit-infected techno gems, powerful basslines and gentle transitions are part of her peculiar style. This is one of the last opportunities to listen to her in Berlin for a while so don't miss it! Also joining the crew Italian Berlin-based Armando. Armando has been many years nurturing from the techno scene and its endless parties/ afterparties, developing his Djing style in the shadow. 

Supporting Degenerate usual suspects and vinyl lovers Alvaro.M aka Aeirac, Grey.P & Arbizu


+ Kaori
+ Alvaro.M aka Aeirac
+ Grey Pantone
+ Arbizu
+ Armando


Abendkasse: 10 €
Mit Gästelisten-Anmeldung: Bis 0 Uhr 5 € Eintritt 


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