Humboldthain 26.04.: Cru Love & Tieffrequent Labelnight

Das Event "Cru Love & Tieffrequent Labelnight" @ Humboldthain hat bereits am 26.04.2014 stattgefunden.
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Cru Love & Tieffrequent Labelnight

Tieffrequent is a young berlin-based vinyl label which follows the idea and the wish to bring warm and deep sounds to you and your friends. It does not want to reproduce a hype or a mainstreamsound
but more wants to give artists and friends a platform to get in contact about music and
This is why tracks on Tieffrequent-releases will be diverse but in response to the main
idea warm and deep. The common ground of all Tieffrequent releases is a warm and deep character which builds the main aspect of the idea behind Tieffrequent.
“Tieffrequent” (german) describes if a sound or song mainly consists of low frequencies.


Angel Alanis (Slap Jaxx | Tresor | Chicago)
David Pasternack (Humboldthain | Berlin)
Cinthie (Humboldthain | Beste Modus | Berlin)
Olli Jay (Humboldthain | Berlin)
Johannes Albert (Frank Music | Tieffrequent | Berlin)
Monosoul (Frank Music, Tieffrequent | Berlin)
Siggi Tunezia (Tieffrequent | Berlin)
Sharevari (Zebrano Bar | Berlin)


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