Tresor 24.08.: Tuna Park. All you Need is Ears

Das Event "Tuna Park. All you Need is Ears" @ Tresor hat bereits am 24.08.2012 stattgefunden.
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Tuna Park. All you Need is Ears

Tonight's Tuna Park has one requirement only: ALL YOU NEED IS EARS. Well, you need some strong feet, legs and hips because the beat goes on and on and on - beastly. Ancient Methods is techno music with all the sublimity of that deepest, most delicious underground feeling that can be conjured up - isn't that just SO Tresor? With a severe, immense and thunderous live set from Ancient Methods, you'll want to be there. Because another live set is promised by LADA, a collaborative project between Lars Hemmerling and Dasha Rush, both always-welcomed guests in Tresor Club, both tremendous players in the international techno scene. Irina Solbutova aka Yuka is from Moscow, her music appears regularly through the outlets of three labels: Fullpanda, Pro-Tez, and her sound tends towards the ornate and magical and is a marked facet of her work. With releases on the undergound Subsist label, Ukraine artist Stanislav Tolkachev also has an artistic outlet with Fullpanda Records as well. The +4Bar works it further with another Fullpanda artist Egor "Killahertz" Sukharev aka KHZ hitting the decks. He creates a deep techno sound and has become an inseparable part of and Phlegmatek recordings. KHZ feels comfortable in a wide spectrum of music, with productions that vary from deep & minimal, modern experimental house and electronica to modern oriental tech-sound and dub-techno. Oringally from France, Myako spins a deep, chicago, industrial underground style of mix. She has played with some of the most famous DJs in the world and in 2009 she moved to Berlin, releasing her first vinyl EP on Comfortzone: "A1 dimdamdom/ A2 deepdapdop". Complimenting the program is the deep and warm underground sound of Irakli from Berlin.


Live: Ancient Methods (Robot Army/ Berlin)
Live: LADA aka Dasha Rush & Lars Hemmerling (Fullpanda Records/ Berlin)
Yuka (Fullpanda Records/ Moscow)
Stanislav Tolkachev (Fullpanda Records/ Ukraine)

Live: KHZ (Fullpanda Records/ Moscow)
Myako (Comfortzone/ Paris)
Irakli (I/Y/ Berlin)


Tresor Berlin

Köpenicker Str. 70
10179 Berlin
Der Tresor sticht mit seiner düstereren, industriellen Atmosphäre aus der Berliner Clublandschaft hevor. Auch der Sound in dem ehemaligen Heizkraftwerk unterscheidet sich durch seine Detroit-Techno Einflüsse von den bekannten Klängen anderer Locations.