Fiese Remise 24.05.: Secret Island Nation - Berlin Warmup

Das Event "Secret Island Nation - Berlin Warmup" @ Fiese Remise hat bereits am 24.05.2014 stattgefunden.
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Secret Island Nation - Berlin Warmup

& B+J's 'Good Bye Berlin!'-party
Open Air + All night afterparty
Sage Beach + Fiesere Miese

Attention all sinners, new and old! The Island will soon be calling from beyond the horizon of both time and space!

According to a specially combined task force - consisting of our highest star gazers and our freakiest cloud watchers - the Universe itself will soon make a mistake at a festival and take "a bit too much". As a consequence of this, The Universal Zipper will be left unzipped on Saturday 24th, starting sometime around 14.00 (earthly CET time).

Through this unfathomably massive zipper (stretching over countless galaxies, but luckily cutting right across our little solar system and Berlin) a non-gender specific wormhole will emerge and temporarily create a warp tunnel connecting Berlin with the Swedish island of Ulsholmen and the future as it will be 75 days later on the 7th of August.

Our objective hade been made clear! We're gonna have to party like it's the future!


Samuel L. Session (Klap Klap, SWE),
Franco Bianco (live) (Dilek, ARG),
Demir & Seymen (Pentagonik, TUR),
Asem Shama (Sportclub, GER),
DJs with bad haircuts (Secret Island Nation, BER),
Magnutze (O.L.A., BER),
LOCUS SOUNDSYSTEM (Secret Island Nation, SWE),
LES CHEFS (Secret Island Nation, BER),
KAMIL BENON (Sehr Schön, NOR),


Abendkasse: 8€