Mini.Mal 24.03.: Girls.Sturmfrei mit Heidi Nesset & Freunde

Das Event "Girls.Sturmfrei mit Heidi Nesset & Freunde" @ Mini.Mal hat bereits am 24.03.2017 stattgefunden.
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Girls.Sturmfrei mit Heidi Nesset & Freunde


Heidi Nesset & Freunde


Heidi Nesset is a Swedish techno and house DJ, based in Gothenburg. Her interest for music has always been present and she searched through many musical senses to finally end up in the electronic genre. Before that, her main instrument was the french horn and thanks to many years participating in an orchestra ensemble she developed a big interest for the interaction between music and people and how it could be affected.
She started to explore and consume electronic music for real in 2010 and spent many hours on the dance floors in the night clubs in her home town but it didn't take long until she wanted to explore the other side of the dj booth. She bought her first equipment in 2012 and since early 2014 she's played regularly in the clubs of Gothenburg.

To mention a few she's played at Sisyphos and Ritter Butzke in Berlin, Fjordfest in Freiburg, Square and Sousami in Cyprus and at one of Malmö’s biggest outdoor techno event, Malmørave. 

Her own musical preferences ranges from dark monoton techno to lighter house styles, but the deepness combined with a rhythmic beat is what really makes her dance. Her ambition behind the decks is always to embrace and take charge of the process of creating a vibe that reaches from her fingers on the knobs through the speakers into the dancing hearts.


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