Ava 23.05.: Sauna x Parental Advisory

Das Event "Sauna x Parental Advisory" @ Ava hat bereits am 23.05.2014 stattgefunden.
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· 23:00 · 39
Gästeliste Electro Tech-House Techno

· 23:00 · 39
Gästeliste Electro House Tech-House Techno

Sauna x Parental Advisory

Nearly two months have passed since we first squeezed ourselves together in a small, dark basement somewhere in Berlin. These two months have felt like a lifetime, and the inquiries about another event have been frequent. This has made us think; We are going to need a bigger boat.

We are now very proud to present the second event in line. Sauna × Parental Advisory.

With a bigger club, a louder soundsystem and a fresh line-up with some new faces, we are positive that we will make you sweat once again. We have also contacted visual artists who will help optimizing the venue in unique ways for every new event - Parental Advisory is not only about audio.

Parental Advisory is a new concept we are trying out and it is exactly what it sounds like. Come dressed in your sexiest outfit, put on a weird, funny costume or just be yourself. The boundaries for what is possible are set only by our own imagination. Extraordinary appearance when arriving at the door will give you a discount on the entrance fee, in accordance to how crazy or outstanding your outfit is.


Projekt Gestalten (Collaborage, BR)

Sean Alexander (Panoptikon, Sauna, SE)

Emil Nyström (Back2Back, Sauna, SE)

Axel Hjertman (SE)


Abendkasse: tba


Ava Berlin

Warschauer Straße Ecke Stralauer Allee
10245 Berlin
Das Ava ist ein Berliner Electro-Club. Es will seine ganz eigenen Ideen abseits des Mainstreams durchziehen und ist dabei auch sehr erfolgreich. Im Ava wird jeder Underground-Fan glücklich.