Chalet 23.04.: Wide●awake

Das Event "Wide●awake" @ Chalet hat bereits am 23.04.2017 stattgefunden.
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Wide Awake

Ida Daugaard's love for the twisted dark dancefloor, minimal, trippy, groovy and timeless music selection, oldschool mixing skills and her authentic sweet appearance and big smile behind the decks have fascinated clubbers and promoters all around the world. Constantly evolving and picking up impulses, she follows her feelings and intuition rather then trends. Ida’s media are her cd’s & vinyls, always playing spontaneously after the vibe she is sensing. Each gig she prepares passionately, finding new music and trying to imagine each place she's playing at. For her a Dj set is all about harmony and story telling rather than playing one big tune after the other.


+ Ida Daugaard
+ Sander Ellerman
+ Fanfarrosa


Abendkasse: 8-10€