Ritter Butzke 22.08.: Ritterstrasse Pres. 3 Years Crossfrontier Audio

Das Event "Ritterstrasse Pres. 3 Years Crossfrontier Audio" @ Ritter Butzke hat bereits am 22.08.2014 stattgefunden.
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Ritterstrasse Pres. 3 Years Crossfrontier Audio

Another year older, maybe a little wiser, but definitely still having a lot of fun. It feels like we turned 2 only months ago, but what a year it has been! We've seen some new faces added to our line up, released some incredible tracks and thrown down a party or two like it was 1999. On August 22 we will celebrate this amazing year and welcome the new with open arms (or possibly a drink in each). We've invited some old friends, some good friends and some new ones too and hope you will join us for another crazy night at Ritter Butzke!

As always: come early, stay late and see you on the dance-floor!


Agents Of Time (Correspondant / Stem Records)
Juen & Bach (Café Gold / Zürich)
Marc Poppcke
MUUI (live)
Stefan Mint
Svjet Lana


Abendkasse: tba

Ritter Butzke

Ritter Butzke Berlin

Ritterstr. 24
10969 Berlin
Das Ritter Butzke verdankt seinen Namen der Lage an der Ritterstraße in den ehemaligen Butzke Werken. Auf die Ohren gibt's hier vor allem Elektro Sounds und ab und zu auch mal ein paar Hip Hop Beats. Das Butzke ist ein beliebter Anlaufpunkt der Berliner Partycrowd.